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The Lady behind the Beauty, Tiawana Brown, Founder and CEO of Beauty after the Bars. 

Tiawana Brown, also known as, Tia was born and raised in Charlotte,NC. The single mother of two young adult daughter's Antoinette and Tijema. Her girls are her motivation and inspiration. 

In 1994 at tender age of 21 while attending Johnson C. Smith University, her own Life's choices, interrupted her moments of peace away and landed her collectively four years  in Federal Prison. At the time she was pregnant with the youngest of her two daughters. 

Raised predominantly by a God-Fearing, hardworking, honest and single mother. She learned early that education, hard work and dedication was core to being successful. 

A woman destined for success, she is a woman that has turned her life around.  She loves God, very humble, confident, hardworking and inspiring. She was raised in the church, served in the church and gave her life to Christ at the tender age of 12. She learned early on that Salvation is free. 

Tiawana is an excellent mother and positive role model. She is also a  life coach and delivers phenomenal life-changing ,motivational speeches that teach and inspires a multitude of diverse people globally. She mentors and supports young people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Tia is committed to making a difference in the world by sharing her testimony through her purpose driven life. She started  Beauty after the Bars to keep our youth,  especially girls out of jail and prison. Her non-profit provides education support and  provides advocacy for women and girls. She works to interrupt the school- to- prison pipeline by working with the school system to create alternative to incarceration.

She is very successful in her career and has proven that no Bar can hold her back. She successfully held down multiple managerial positions and worked a decade in Telecommunications company. Her success enabled her to Travel Abroad and train international employees for her company.  Tia is employed with the world's largest Airline (American Airlines). 

When Tia is not working with the youth, she is committed to helping her sisters and brothers still behind the bars. 

Tia enjoys spending time with her family & friends, attending church, religious services and events. She also enjoys playing competitive softball, dancing, reading and traveling the world. 

Tiawana has said; simply put that with God all things are possible. "I am a better me, I have a purpose driven  life and I am going to inspire and change the world!"  It's her hearts desire to share her story - to uplift and inspire.  She wants everyone to know, never give up on yourself because God has planted the seed of Greatness in all of us.

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Tiawana's story in ARTICLES


Life Behind the Bars

As a 21 year old pregnant college student at Johnson C. Smith University, Tiawana faces life behind bars.  Thanks to a program Mothers with Infants together, she was able to spend time with her daughter after she was born.  Programs like these are what motivate Tiawana to pursue her passion and non-profit Beauty After The Bars.



Keeping Women out of Jail

Tiawana talks about her incarcerations in detail. How she survived two federal prison sentences, and how having her daughter in prison was one of the most difficult things she has ever had to do. She talks about her organization Beauty after the Bars being a voice for the women still incarcerated and why she is determined to keep our youth, girls and women out of jail and  prison. Read the article:  https://medium.com/@nicolerodgers/beauty-after-the-bars-keeping-black-women-out-of-jail-af004e2eb5a0     


Changing Societies View

The way society views formerly incarcerated people needs to change.  Many are unable to find employment and resources that will assist their re-entry into society.  After paying their debt to society shouldn't they be able to work and live without the "ex-convict" stigma?  Beauty After the Bars is on a mission to not only change the stigma, but also provide resources to make it easier to re-enter into society.


Tiawana's Family: then & now


Tiawana and daughter Antionette.


Tiawana with family in Alderson West Virignia Federal Prison Camp.  She was 6 months pregnant with Tjema and holding her daughter Antoinette.


Tiawana's Family (Left-Right) daughter Antoinette, Mom, Sister Chunta, Tiawana, daughter Tjema.


Tiawana's daughters Antoinette & Tjema after visiting her in prison.


Tiawana's daughter Tjema in elementary.


Tiawana's daughter Antionette.