Re-Entry Work Support


Being honest about your conviction

 and moving forward.

  • Helps with preparation for entrance back into workforce 
  • Teach proper interview skills 
  • Job preparation 
  • Resume Builder 
  • How to address the conviction and close the job.   

Tia's Closet/Dress for Success


Job interview is the opportunity to make a great 1st impression/How you look matters. 

  • Provide Interview attire for women. 
  • Assisting with shopping/obtaining appropriate clothes for work.
  • Teach the basis of what to wear when you interview  
  • What to wear & What not to wear 
  • Do’s and Don't on a job interview     

Prison Ministry


 Partnering with local churches.

  • Connect with local churches to provide assistance and outreach throughout the incarceration. 
  • Provide religious support while incarcerated 
  •  Upon release connect with church mentors and help with re-entry concerns     




  • Assist with short term goal and needs upon release 
  • Employment 
  • Housing/Transportation 
  • Re-Entry   

Long term: 

  • Map to Success 
  • Community Service    Entrepreneurship 
  • Financial Plan 
  • Home Ownership     

Outreach Programs


We provide support through volunteer services and support Groups: 

  • Adopt an inmate: Provides support by connecting inmates with a mentor to provide support throughout the incarceration 
  • Penpal program: Communication with inmates through correspondence and visitations.    
  • Special recognition: Birthdays, Mother Day, all celebrated holidays

How to locate an inmate:      

Community Benefits Program


Close the gap and build Reform 

  • Connecting with appropriate resources and  organizations to assist with day one of release and beyond. 
  • Job Placement
  • Emotional and Psychological support  
  • Identifying Support System 
  • Provide tutoring, mentoring for students of incarcerated parents 
  • Identify risk, promote reform and reduce recidivism 
  • Promote Prevention-Education instead of incarceration    

Other Resources

Spirit of the Word Church  

Hope Covenant  House 

Good Industries of the Southern Piedmont 

The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls: 


Families for Justice for Healing: 

The Ladies of Hope Ministries 

Mothers in Charge 

Miquelle West  Started a  Movement  for her Mother’s Freedom after 26 plus Years of  Federal Incarceration 

Women Over Incarcerated